Instafire: BHOmbing the Sov - Northwest Nights, Source: @diablodabsPosted by @diablodabs

A good friend of mine started the hashtag #RoughDABLife. I must confess it, people. Shouts out  to me on the post here. What if I told you this was my welcome to a dab event?

Northwest Nights was epic! Stay tuned for my coverage on an evening sponsored by Dank Dabber and Dab Stars that started for everyone, with what you see above. Of course, I had to represent and glob out. Alotta heads can’t clear that in flower smoke, just saying :)

The setup you’re looking at is top notch, by the way. This “dab at the door” came out of a Sovereignty Glass Stem Line powered by a Mini Nail. Cultivate Northwest Pineapple Express off the one and only Dank Dabber. #thousanddollarsmoke

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