Weedist Instafire: 420 Audio High-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Speaker, Posted by @diablodabs

Posted by @diablodabs

It’s all about the stylish pot culture these days. I came across this Instafire myself on Twitter and had to share it with my fellow tokers: 420 Audio Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Now, this is what I call high tech! Sorry… couldn’t help it.

In all seriousness, this thing is pretty legit. It’s pretty self-explanatory what’s going on here, it’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker you can pair to any capable device. The pot leaf chilling up top is what’s up.

A dank little sound system that pounds sounds when it normally wouldn’t be possible. It seems like the perfect unit for stoners; it’s simple to use when you need complication least. I love how it “lets people know who you are” in a subtle way.

Stay tuned for my forthcoming review of this awesome, little rig.

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