Headiest Dab Pins: Inspector Dab It, Source: by @Lake County High Society

Inspector Dab It

Bahahaha! This pin is so perfect. I don’t know a stoner that doesn’t adore this show. Inspector Gadget was trippy beyond words.

This dab pin definitely takes it to another level. I love the creative use of the Inspector’s skill set for dab purposes. He seems to have his rig, dab and torch all sorted out. He also has a Mad Cat branded case of errl, ha! #DabLife

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I have be into a vaporizer for about 3 - 4 weeks .it is something you have to pactrice at .i ' ve been a stoner for 5 generations .smoking and rolling wrong all these years ? Who knew ?

LUckily started when pot was cheap .i been getting ready for a long time now .let 's get started .