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Great TV While High: Animal Homes, Source: http://bento.cdn.pbs.org/hostedbento-prod/blog/20150324_182913_951573_nature-animal-homes.pngNature documentaries are a cannabis staple — there’s just something to be said for getting baked and immersing yourself in the splendor of the natural world. That being said, some documentaries can be hit or miss, and a lot of factors go into making one that is well thought out and compelling. Animal Homes however, hits all the marks and delivers a compelling, masterfully composed series that will leave the viewer in awe.

The series, (currently streaming on Netflix), focuses specifically on exploring the types of homes that animals live in and how they construct them. There are only three episodes in the series. The first, titled, ‘The Nest,’ focuses on the vast array of intricate and interesting nests built by birds across the world. This was the episode that first drew this author/birder to the series, but I was not expecting such a supreme documentary.

The host is Chris Morgan, a conservationist, ecologist, filmmaker and author who has worked as a wildlife educator and researcher for the past 25 years. His pure, unbridled enthusiasm for the creatures he discusses and encounters in this series is both infectious and touchingly genuine. His narration is excellent, and the writers of Animal Homes offer the viewer a clear, concise and well developed story line that is as well crafted as it is absorbing.

The second episode, titled ‘Location, Location, Location,’ explores how animals choose the precise spots they call home and the many factors that go into it. Here we see both the sensible and seemingly ridiculous places these animals build their homes — such as the saltmarsh sparrow which contends with flooding with each nest. The third and final episode is titled ‘Animal Cities,’ and in this, the viewer explores vast and amazing groupings such as the puffin bird, leaf cutter ants and even a certain breed of spider.

Throughout it all the videography is breathtaking and shocking; providing glimpses of intimate moments in animal’s lives that one can hardly dream of. Indeed, even the soundtrack to Animal Homes is perfectly fitting and enjoyable. You will not find cheesy musical tropes, nor oddly sexist projections from the narrators in this documentary.

Instead, Animal Homes takes the viewer on a wild and beautiful journey from start to finish, and will ultimately bestow a sense of wonder for this miraculous world we live in. So get well baked and settle in for a profound exploration.

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