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Great Movies While High: Pi, Source: https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2754/4062246658_1150af4a20_b.jpgThere are the movies that you enjoy stoned, and then there are films you pick out a new strain for every time. Pi, yes that pi, is one of those films. It is one of this writers faves and absolutely a terrific film to watch high.

The epic freshman effort of auteur-for-sure Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan), Pi is a psychological( boy is that understated) thriller about a literal genius going mad. It’s as stylish as a film gets and many have stolen from it since. It’s appreciable on so many levels, I thought it might be fun to cover it from both the sativa and indica perspective.

Max is a master mathematician obsessed with cracking a code before it cracks him. His journey is a surreal one for which there should be no spoilers.  However, the myriad of themes alone will have you running for Netflix.

Sativa: Pi Expands the Mind

Math — In Pi, math is absolutely the central theme of the film. If math doesn’t provoke the sativa mind, I don’t know what does. You WILL NOT believe how cool math looks in this one.

Theology — Religion is another one of those things that will keep a stoned mind up late. Well, Pi offers fascinating insights into Kaballah, Judaism and Islam. The Torah itself is a catalyst to this wild tale.

Go — Go is played often throughout the film. Go is an Asian board game known for it’s simulation of the study of math. It is a simple game so complex that it is believed no 2 games ever played, have been the same. The game is 2500 years old.

Philosophy — Max is obsessed with the Golden Spiral and determined to find the meaning of life through numerology. His intentions are pure, but like all of Aronofsky’s protagonists, his pursuit is compulsive to destruction. If that sorta trippiness doesn’t sell you, nothing will.

If you’ve ever seen Requiem for a Dream, you know immediately why this movie rocks on indicas too. Yes, it’s deeply psychological and analytical, but it also moves at a break neck and is a visual trip in and of itself.

Indica: Pi Is Bomb When You Just Wanna Chill…

Cinematography — I can’t say enough about how sick this film is to look at. Did I mention it’s all in high contrast black & white? From Max’ crazy computer to his hot pursuit, this film has some of the gnarliest camera work and esoteric visuals you’ve ever seen. For that alone it’s worth the toke.

Soundtrack —EDM before it was even called EDM. Need I say more? Orbital, Roni Size, Massive Attack and Aphex Twin. Pack another bowl AND drop a dab just for the music.

Conflict — This film is all drama. There are good and bad guys. There’s hysterics and chases. Within it’s complexity, is a great plot that’s easy to follow.

Pace – If you know any of Aronofsky’s other films, you can only imagine what his “college movie” looks like. This film is abysmally deep, but looks as slick as a music video. It’s less than 90 minutes and no time is wasted. When that kush sticks you to the couch, you’re still gonna need a seat belt.

Well, my work is done. I want to watch it again myself just looking at half of these themes. Take my word for it, just smoke and watch, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a taste below.