My Favorite Strains: Goji OG, Source: Original photography by Phe Harpha for Weedist.comThe Goji berry (also known as wolfberries) is the most nutritionally packed food on the planet, even in its tiny size. Thus, it is one of the most esteemed fruits of the past and regaining popularity today as a “superfruit.”  I’m actually quite obsessed with fruit—not as much as cannabis—but I’ve had the pleasure of trying of fresh Goji, along with the dried fruit (most popular), and as a flavoring in various health snacks.

The taste is of dark or ripe cherry and cranberries, but with the tart and sourness that citrus can possess without those citron qualities. This strain called Goji OG tastes simply like this exotic fruit, but with a touch of cannabis character.

Goji OG is bred by Bodhi seeds and comes from a cross of the father strain Snow Lotus and the mother strain Nepali OG. I have not heard of Snow Lotus before so I had to look it up. She ends up being  Afgooey x Block Head, again, another strain I’m not familiar with, and probably because she is an unknown strain crossed with a Sweet Tooth plant. However, evidently Block Head retains no phenotypic characteristics from Sweet Tooth.

This all is clear to me once I fully examine the Goji OG. She looks almost identical to Afgooey (or Afghani x Maui Wowie) but a tad more frosty. The buds that wrap around the main stems, rather than on small branches, are super dense and covered with gaggles of trichomes on every surface — creating a shine of amber, yellow and silver when light refracts.

The scent of Goji OG is like that of the actual dried berry; very faint, but sweet and lingering. Aromas of what most consider “red” berries to give off are what you get with this strain. But there are also various other smells wafting around those sweet reds, such as an earthy-musty smell mostly, apparently arising from the Nepali OG. Her taste is transformed though from what you get from the scent of the actual fruit when compared to these flowers. The cherry flavors come out, but not like a sweet Bing cherry per say, but more of a ripe black cherry. This mixes in with a slight licorice taste that slowly turns earthy and musty.

Goji OG is a potent sativa dominant hybrid. I say “potent” because it gave even me a very energetic buzz — almost vibratory in the level of excitement. I’ve also had Goji OG wax, and quite bluntly, I cannot smoke it before bed if I’d like anywhere near a good nights rest. The bud itself was not as strong as the concentrate, however, it did make me feel very cerebrally lifted, talkative and spunky. In the end, I’d recommend it for for day time use, and for those who can tolerate a more sativa heavy buzz. I do not recommend it for anything you need to sit still for.

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