My Favorite Strains: Stardawg Guava, Source: Original photo for by Phe HarphaAs a science and botany nerd I enjoy trying different phenotypes of my favorite cannabis strains. Sometimes it’s hard to find a true phenotypic difference, but I recently found one named Stardawg Guava, and as you can guess, she is a sister of the popular strain Stardawg. Stardawg is Chemdawg 4 crossed with Tres Dawg, and thus, Stardawg Guava shares those same genetics. She is a sativa dominant hybrid at a 60/40 ratio and this particular strain came from Fox Street Wellness in Denver, CO.

I have many good things to say about this strain, however, I am unsure what exactly sets her aside from the original Stardawg since they look almost identical in appearance. The only difference I know of off the bat is that Stardawg tends to be more of a balanced 50/50 hybrid and carries indica effects. Appearance wise, the buds are very nicely shaped, they have rounded bottoms with spear like tops — like a perfect pear. The nugs as a whole are dense but spongy, greyish green leaves and calyxes coated with silver trichome fuzz and releasing pale orange pistils from beneath.

The smell is also where a slight (and I mean very scant) difference in the two phenotypes can be noted. Stardawg Guava has a sweeter smell to her aroma rather than the musty chemical smell that Stardawg emits and is known for. But as you break up and grind the flower, the sweetness leaves and the pungent chemical and diesel smell take over the entire profile. The taste is very piney, sour and chemically — no where is the sweetness to be found. This sort of makes me wonder why they changed the name or chose this as a different phenotype, as I do not feel there is such a big difference between the two other than the smell of the whole nug.

The feeling and effect that she gives however is still nice and relaxing, regardless of the phenotype difference or not. Her sativa heaviness gives her a more uplifting energy than what I can recall  experiencing with Stardawg alone. This strain helped me de-stress when I returned to Colorado after a long weekend of traveling and family functions. And thus, I can say that wholeheartedly I enjoyed this strain very much, however, it didn’t “wow” me necessarily. She was nicely grown and cured and the vibrancy of that definitely shows. Bottom line is I cannot say for sure why she is a different phenotype, but regardless, she is a beautiful flower inside and out.

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