Product Review: Pure Medical Cannabis Tincture by Cannabis Medicinals of California, Source: Weedist.comIf there is one product which has had significant medicinal effects for me, it is the Pure Medical Cannabis Tincture by Cannabis Medicinals of California.

The tincture is alcohol based, and contains 3.2 grams of cannabis. This is not a tincture for the faint of tongue. Unlike glycerine-based tinctures which are very sweet, the alcohol-based tincture is sharp, decidedly un-sweet and a bit bitter. There are times when medicating with this tincture, that I had to ask myself how on Earth anyone who tastes this could question the medicinal properties of cannabis. “If only we could put a single drop on the tongue of every nay-saying politician,” I would muse sardonically (I’m looking at you, Christie).

But please, do not allow this introduction to put you off to this tincture. When it comes to treating an illness or disease with cannabis, sometimes, it’s worth overlooking trivialities such as taste in return for a powerfully effective medicine. And personally? There has been nothing in my arsenal of cannabis pain-relief products that has brought me greater relief than this tincture.

Living with chronic pain means many things to many different people. For me, it means that I have had to make certain adjustments to the way I live my life. My chronic pain is the result of TMJ disorder (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) and arthritis in my jaw. As a result, every day activities such as the foods I eat, to even the way I lay my head on my pillow at night, tend to revolve around the daily chronic pain I live with. At times, the disorders in my jaw even lead to extremely painful migraines, or neck aches (we tend to forget how connected all of our muscles are until one becomes dysfunctional). 

Product Review: Pure Medical Cannabis Tincture by Cannabis Medicinals of California, Source: Weedist.comMy pain levels do fluctuate from day to day, so not every day is a full on war with the pain. But for the days that are worse than others, the alcohol based tincture is one of the most effective ways to facilitate swift and effective relief. 2-3 drops of the tincture in the back of my mouth, directly on the joint area where I feel the pain, and the relief is felt immediately. Yes, you read that right — the pain relief is immediate.

Instantly, the area is numbed by the alcohol, and the cannabis works swiftly and effectively to reduce the inflammation and relax the muscles that were previously tight and sore. Being able to apply this tincture to the exact place where the pain is stemming from is a miraculous way to see its swift and thorough medicinal properties.

Pro tip: When I have my TMJ-induced migraines, I’ve also found that half a dropper’s worth in a cup of coffee works wonders. The cannabis and caffeine work together to create a powerful headache soothing remedy. And before you ask, no, it didn’t change the flavor at all (keep in mind I take my high-quality coffee beans with coconut milk and a pinch of coconut sugar.)

This tincture also comes in a CBD variety, which I am eager to try next time I stop by the medical dispensary, as CBD in particular is known for its powerful anti-inflammation properties. However, until then, the particular tincture I have is working wonders for me. It goes to work fast, and I need very little to experience the medicinal effects. This means I am not left with a strong head-high, which suits me just fine when I am simply seeking pain-relief.

Obviously, this particular brand of tincture is only available to California medicinal patients. So for those who are, I highly recommend this tincture for coping with conditions similar to mine, as well as for anyone who seeks a powerful and effective, truly medicinal tincture, for pain relief and management.

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