Product Review: Pax 2 Vaporizer - WeedistThe Pax 2 vaporizer is a streamlined and elegant device that does not deviate from its predecessor’s good looks, charm and efficiency.

Surely, when it comes to design, there can be no doubt that this is the “Apple” style vape. Even the packaging that this product comes in is clean, simplistic and stylized. The vaporizer comes with one unit, two varying mouth pieces, a USB charger with a magnetic attachment, and a cleaning kit consisting of pipe cleaners and isopropyl alcohol in a glass vial. Of special note is that the Pax 2 is backed with a 10-year warranty.

The new Pax 2 comes in four gorgeous colors — charcoal black, teal, orange red and platinum silver. While I always appreciate a discreetly colored vaporizer, I quickly fell in love with the teal and fiery red. The aluminum shell is beautiful, shiny and sleek. Additionally, its size is worth note and praise. The Pax 2 is significantly smaller than it’s predecessor, and fits very comfortably and discreetly in the hand. In fact, the website reports that the Pax 2 is 25% smaller and 10% lighter than the Pax 1.

Product Review: Pax 2 Vaporizer, Source: the back of the unit is a small magnetic strip, where the charger is attached. On the front, is the recognizable Pax X-shaped logo, which glows and pulses different colors to alert the user to various functions. Purple means it is heating, blue means the unit needs juice, and green means go. It reaches full heat swiftly, in under a minute max.

One button controls the entire interface. A click of the mouthpiece turns the vape on or off. Holding down the mouthpiece provides access to the temperature control settings, of which there are four. Single clicks allow the user to cycle through the various temperature settings, and then holding down the mouthpiece again returns it to use.

Product Review: Pax 2 Vaporizer, Source: found the first and second temperature levels to be absolutely ideal for cannabis. The first was delightful and smooth, the second was a reasonable extra kick for larger puffs. Additionally, I felt the flavor and scent profiles of the cannabis were nicely showcased through use of the Pax 2.

Overall, when it comes to design, the Pax 2 is absolutely a high-class, well-designed, streamlined-looking vaporizer with a simple and effective interface.

So how did the vaporize fare on function?

When used with the ideal mouthpiece, the Pax 2 provided a supremely pleasant and simple vaporizing experience.

As noted before, the vaporizer comes with two mouthpieces – a flat one and a raised one, and the two could not be more different. The flat mouth piece sits completely flush to the unit and sports only a very small opening along the rim of the vaporizer. This mouthpiece worked perfectly. I found it comfortable to use, and doing so provided a great and smooth smoking experience.

Despite that the Pax 2 is also said to have lip-sensing technology to create the optimal heat and vapor production, the same praise can not be given to the raised mouthpiece. For whatever reason, the raised mouthpiece seems to channel the heat from the chamber of the vaporizer in such a way that it burns and stings the lips of those using it.

This was tested several times, on all heat settings, with chambers packed full and half-full and with several different users. All reported the same stinging/burning sensation. Additionally, it was so uncomfortable that even some of the most well-honed tokers of the group declined to use the vaporizer after a few puffs.

Product Review: Pax 2 Vaporizer, Source:, however, was not an issue with the flat mouthpiece. So, I am left with the impression that the flat mouthpiece should be expected to be the only functional one, while the raised mouthpiece is quite useless. That being said, I find the flat mouthpiece to be more comfortable, as well as more aesthetically pleasing, so this was by no means a deal breaker for me.

The stainless steel oven is very deep and can hold a desirable amount of flower — I estimate about half a gram can fit comfortably in the chamber at a time, give or take. The oven’s dimensions are 18.5mm x 8.6mm x 10mm. With a full oven pack, the Pax 2 championed through, providing many even and consistent puffs. It’s safe to say the Pax 2 is effective, as it left us quite stoned. The oven door is a flush lid held in place by magnets, and is easily opened by pressing on either side. Putting it back on is as simple as popping it back into place.

Product Review: Pax 2 Vaporizer, Source: feature I appreciated is the Pax 2’s standby-mode, which activates when it detects the lack of motion, thus conserving battery life and the contents of the oven. This proved a useful and thoughtful feature.

Of course, then there is the question of the battery. The lithium-iron battery is said to be high capacity for extended use, and I did find it very efficient. I was able to get a few hours of use out of the unit before it died. Also in its favor, is that the Pax 2 does recharge fairly quickly.

Overall, I would highly recommend this vaporizer to anyone seeking an effective, beautiful and simple device. I do believe it is worth the cost, and the 10-year warranty is compelling evidence that its lifespan will match or surpass its value. The Pax 2 did not disappoint, and I am happy to say that it has quickly become my go-to vape for an enjoyable vaporizing experience.

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