My Favorite Strains: Hazed LA Kush, Source: Original Photography for by Phe HarphaThe masterfully crossed pair of LA Haze (or Hazed LA) and OG Kush give way to this next favorite strain of mine, Hazed LA Kush. It’s not only because I come into this new relationship as a Kush and Haze lover already, but because of her remarkable quality and potency, which is made possible by her genetics and growers from Breckenridge Organic Therapy.

I was browsing my local dispensary Golden Leaf for something new that I knew I would enjoy,when I came across this Hazed LA Kush. Seeing those three names put together, I already knew I had hit a jackpot. I wanted to look up her genetics to make sure I wasn’t just making an assumption based on her name, and low and behold there was a surprise.

Kali Mist is present in her genetic lineage; along with LA Confidential, Afghan Haze and OG Kush. Once home, I inspected her beauty at a closer angle, and I realized her rather dense buds are actually made up of several plump calyxes sectioned into budlets, and every surface of such is enveloped with a silver and amber trichome fur. Her pistils are of a darker red/orange, almost brown color, and are fewer than many strains but still appealing for color contrast.

Her smell is pretty much spot on when it comes to her genetic characteristics of Kali Mist and LA Confidential — sweet lemon and pine when you crush her up, but as a whole flower she smells of peppery  hops, with an earthy stale coffee smell, which her Kush and Haze qualities can suggest. The taste is very smooth and subtly earthy, kind of like a creamy incense aroma (if that even exists), but has a hard hitting potency to back her up.

Within a few hits, I set down my pipe and got busy doing other things around the house. But because she has a stronger indica side to her hybridization from the OG Kush, I still felt relaxed and at ease from thoughts about the week ahead. I also slept great after another nightcap session before bed. I can hypothesize that if the OG wasn’t present, I would have been more mentally energized, however, the balance of the buzz was nice between the relaxation of the mind and bodily tension.

Overall, I’m glad I ended up with a chance to try Hazed LA Kush. The surprise of Kali Mist genetics along with my favorites of LA Confidential, Afghan Haze and OG Kush means that I could not have chosen a better strain to suit my palate, personality and medicinal needs.

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