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Catherine Hiller's New Novel Details a Lifetime of Cannabis, Source: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/2849878/images/o-CATHERINE-HILLER-facebook.jpgThe data is not very robust when it comes to long term studies tracking how a lifetime of cannabis use might affect your ability to thrive. I can safely say, from my own experience, that about fifteen years of daily cannabis intake has not left me worse for the wear. Actually, just the opposite. Cannabis is a consistent backdrop to my lifestyle and while I don’t live to get stoned, I can’t think of very many instances wherein I would choose not to be so.

Catherine Hiller, a New York native and 68 year old author, recently put out a book called, “Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir.” In the book, Hiller chronicles her experiences during the half-century she has spent as a daily weed smoker. Hiller is highly educated, holding a doctorate from Brown University. She is a successful writer of both fiction and non-fiction novels, and has worked as a directer and producer on numerous films.

The waning conventional wisdom would dictate that Hiller should be a useless, fizzled-out addict, sucking off the teat of society or serving out a prison sentence. Truthfully, that image of the classic stoner is not now, nor has it ever been, rooted in reality. That paradigm is the result of an exceptionally well executed smear campaign carried out by the defunct prohibition squad that became the DEA.

The truth is that lifetime stoners are far more common and hidden in plain sight. Cannabis can be a daily part of your life and not have the slightest negative effect on you. Hiller’s memoir relates further evidence that cannabis is safe and has no business being an illicit drug.

This is the kind of story we need to see more of out there. We need to see elderly cannabis advocates/enthusiasts who have used a ton of weed and are actually flourishing. You can’t get drunk everyday for 50 years and expect to have the same story to share, you’d be lucky to be alive and still in possession of your own liver if that were the case. The same can be said for cigarettes if you swap out ‘liver’ for ‘lungs.’


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