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Great Music While High: The Wood Brothers, Source: http://www.thewoodbros.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/6S4A9770-web-edit.jpgThe Wood Brothers are a compelling musical act with a distinctly blues, Americana and Southern vibe to their sound. They are uplifting, funky, and at times a little naughty.

The band consists of Oliver Wood, guitarist and lead vocalist, Chris Wood, upright and electric bassist and vocalist, and Jano Rix who is a multi-instrumentalist and drummer. Some may recognize Chris Wood as the bassist from the famous instrumental group, Medeski Martin and Wood. Chris Wood is also known for his enthusiastic interpretive dancing during his performances with The Wood Brothers, which, having witnessed first hand, I can say are as entertaining as they are inspired.

The band has a truly distinctive sound that is thoroughly enjoyable and as easy to dance to as it is to sit back and get lost in the lyrics, which are poetic and often based in story telling. Oliver Wood’s voice is distinct and extremely pleasant, bringing great personality to the original lyrics.

They have several albums out (some from before the addition of Jano Rix), from their newest, titled Muse, to the noteworthy Ways Not to Lose and Smoke Ring Halo, among others. Songs range from the upbeat and gritty “Shoofly Pie” to the introspective, whimsical and lyrical “Spirit,” which is one of my personal favorites.

Check out the live performance below of their song, “One More Day,” and be sure to click the links above to give a listen to their other albums. Each song has a distinct sound, and exploring The Wood Brothers is a treat for any music lover.

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Wood Brothers are great, but nothing beats Pink Floyd when high. Or maybe that's just a sign of my arrested development. <grin>