Cannabis Facts

Propaganda Tries to Link Cannabis to Magnesium Deficiency, Source: blogger for the site Powerful Primates put out an article titled, “Hey Pothead, Marijuana Makes you Magnesium Deficient.”

The article claims it to be fact that “if you intake marijuana on a daily basis you are likely abusing the herb. Come to think of it, if you ingest any herb everyday you are likely abusing it.” So, if I like to eat a sprig of basil everyday, am I also abusing that?

Did you notice that the author left themselves out of having to prove this claim? That six letter word ‘likely’ is there as a parachute to help the author escape the dangers of having to actually write factual claims.

I can do it too. If you think Olive Garden is the ‘best Italian food’ you’ve ever had, you’re likely without a tongue (no disrespect to Olive Garden). See how that one word means that whatever I said doesn’t have to be true anymore? This is a common tactic among false arguments, meant to facilitate frenzied vitriol and distract the audience from looking deeper.

So which peer-reviewed, verified, scientific study is this author citing? Surely, a university or medical center would be a good source for such information. No such luck. The infallible source for this nonsense is the Narconon International webpage. Crazy to think that a rehab agency would want to paint cannabis as a problem. They must stand to lose millions in revenue if they can no longer use stoners to fill their enrollment numbers.

Narconon’s claim is that using cannabis depletes the body’s natural magnesium levels, which can lead people to be “on-edge” when coming down from being high. The author then goes on to list a bunch of problems associated with magnesium deficiency. There are a couple of issues with that. For starters, this list names the symptoms of tons of conditions (such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, bowel issues, muscle pain, anger, tendinitis, ADHD, etc).

After displaying this litany, the author states, “Anything that makes you tense and tight could potentially be due to magnesium deficiency.” I’m surprised that hang nails and cutting yourself while shaving didn’t make the list. Also, a great deal of the listed symptoms are actually helped by using cannabis. Commence the face-palming. Be sure to notice the parachute phrasing again: “could potentially…

Let’s clarify. There are no legitimate studies that back up this claim. My editor did some research and did find a correlation between cannabis and magnesium deficiency — strictly in the form of growing. It turns out that soil that has low levels of magnesium can lead to some poorly grown plants. But nothing was found corroborating this mountain of manure.

I’m not outright saying that there is no possible link between cannabis use and magnesium levels. And I’m certainly not trying to make light of people who do legitimately suffer a magnesium deficiency. I have no doubt it’s a real condition, I just doubt the role cannabis plays in its prevalence. No one has really done the work to find out and it’s dangerous to spread bad information.

And can I just give a collective “F-you” to the author for saying daily cannabis use is drug abuse? Get your head out of your ass. I have used a lot of cannabis everyday for many years and neither I, nor anyone connected with me, has ever had an issue with it.


You're clearly intelligent and passionate.  But will you be open to incorporating new information if it doesn't conform to your agenda?  I get the sense that it's all black-and-white for you when it comes to weed.  How about a little acknowledgment of grey area?

Claiming that marijuana use can't be habit-forming or addictive, for instance, is so ignorant.  I have known many a smoker who WILL admit to themselves that they are addicted, even if YOU are not and don't think people can be.  I have seen it clearly in friends who started getting extremely frustrated and jittery and could not perform basic tasks until they smoked.  I have also met drug addicts that want to be clean from everything but weed, because weed "doesn't count."  But after coming to understand the nature of addiction, they see it as just another mind-altering substance or an unhealthy way to seek relief or just another way to escape emotions or reality (for them, not for everyone).  Getting high on something, anything, every day is not the same thing as eating "a sprig of basil" every day, come on.  I am not anti-marijuana, but I don't see everything in black-and-white either.

I came across this article while looking for information on marijuana and what biological changes can result from it.  I'm looking for answers for my family member who smoked every day for over a decade and is now having mysterious seizures and brain abnormalities.  Could absolutely have nothing to do with his smoking, but I am looking everywhere.  I know that long-term marijuana can cause enduring changes to the brain, and understanding how it may also affect levels of magnesium (or anything else in the body) could arm us with useful knowledge, as seizures can be a symptom of deficient magnesium.  I just want real answers, not emotional propaganda on either side of the fence.  No one's mission should be to prove that marijuana is all good or all bad, enough with the agendas.  Let's just understand what it is, what it isn't, and what it can do, miraculous or risky.


You're actually incredibly ignorant about how magnesium works and the number of things we ingest that can lower it either directly or indirectly. In this case, THC boosts cortisol, and that can and would lead to a depletion of magnesium. Which I've experienced over and over in my own body. So the source might be suspect, but the concern is one everyone who enjoys cannabis (or alcohol, for that matter, or sweating, or not having heart disease or anxiety, etc.) should take seriously. Don't wreck your ability to use cannabis by being ignorant. You might as well delete this article for all the good it's going to do anyone who is genuinely trying to educate themselves about their health and sustainable cannabis use. You're basically inviting people to ignore obvious signs of a magnesium deficiency because a questionable source massaged some data to fit their agenda. There's plenty of solid research about magnesium, and just enough about THC to make the connection that it's a risk. So encourage your readers to learn about and, if needed, mitigate it. Don't just publish ignorant crap on the Internet.


Yeah well... It is a side effect of the diet many stoners have. It isn't a direct result of weed.