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Great Music While High: Consider the Source, Source: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/iQP4AgMWiCk/maxresdefault.jpgConsider the Source has a sound which is often described as “Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion,” however they truly stretch far beyond this limited description. Those who haven’t yet heard their unique blend of music are in for a truly enjoyable journey.

The band is comprised of only three musicians, despite having an incredibly full and intricate sound. Jeff Mann the tight drummer and percussionist, John Ferrara is the bass virtuoso, and on a fretless double-neck guitar is Gabriel Marin, who’s background studying music in India and Turkey brings a distinctively Middle Eastern and Indian sound to the band.

It is truly the intricacy of their music that makes listening such an immersive experience which catapults the listener through various dimensions of musical time and space. To say their music is simply “trippy” would be an understatement. Listening to Consider the Source is an exploration through emotion.

Please do not take my written word for it though. Do yourself a favor and give them a listen by checking out the video below.

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Rick Elvers
Rick Elvers

the first three were good not great but good then he has the gr55 witch is alright but he needs more practice. with it like most of us still do, because you sound like a began'r on it,. doesn't make it bad but you shouldn't do it on stage till you get the kinks worked out on it .