Product Review: Indica Vaporizer, Source: recently had the opportunity to test out the new Indica Vaporizer, and let me tell you, I am already a big fan.

The appeal of the Indica Vaporizer is the simplicity of the design. This vape is quite visually pleasing, sleekly designed in the shape of a Zippo lighter. The vape was clearly designed to be simple and effective, which is just my speed as a weedist who likes getting high without worrying too much about the process. The three main components of the Indica are the compartment where you pack the flowers, a single button to turn on the vape and change the temperature level, and the mouthpiece where you inhale the herbal bliss.

What I immediately noticed was the size of the chamber in this device. The Indica Vaporizer’s chamber has a capacity for .31 grams of herbs, so you spend less time repacking and more time toking. I loved this feature because in the past, my problem with other vaporizers was how small the bowls were. So no need to spend all of your time repacking the bowl. After the first use of this product, I checked the bowl because I thought it had been in use long enough that it would need repacking… but as I opened the compartment, I was amazed to find there were still greens left to be vaporized – mind blown! Hats off to you Indica, for this lovely feature.

Product Review: Indica Vaporizer, Source:

I spy a vaporizer.

The first charge of the vape requires 12 hours and subsequent charges take 3-4 hours. This may seem a bit long, but it’s not too bad as far as vaporizers of this caliber go. Besides, you’re able to toke while the vape is charging, so there’s no need to worry about waiting to get your greens. The battery life is purported to last for 1.5+ hours of continuous use, and after several days of consistent use, I can vouch for the battery life. After a long night of passing the vape around, toking with a bunch of friends at a party, I was pleased at how long the vape lasted before it needed to be charged again.

The Indica is fun for everyone! And of course, it goes without saying that the simple pocketable design makes this vape ideal for the weedist on-the-go, making it easy as ever to get high wherever your stoner journeys take you. I was also quite impressed with how quickly the vape heats up, it takes less than a minute before you’re ready to take a hit.

The single button on this vape allows you to choose the temperature you’d like to consume your herbs at and doubles as a battery life monitor. When you start it up, the LED light will indicate the level of charge left: white for 60-100%, green for 20-60% charge, and red when you only have 20% or less battery life left. I really appreciate this feature because with vapes I’ve used in the past, it has been hard to tell when the battery is running low and the vape needs a charge. This is another smart feature meant to keep toking as convenient as possible for the lucky customers of this product.

Product Review: Indica Vaporizer, Source:

The temperature settings on the Indica vaporizer are color coded.

If I have one complaint about this vape, it is that the button did get stuck down a few times while changing the temperature, but that was only a minor inconvenience for a few seconds. I’m still completely thrilled with the Indica.

The accessories that come with this product are vape picks, a USB charger, replacement screens, a brush for cleaning out the chamber, an extra chamber door, a protective cloth pouch to carry the vape, and mini spacers to help pack the size bowl you prefer (although I tend to just pack it all the way full every time). Oh, and it all comes packaged nice and neatly in a classy wooden box. It is also important to note that the vape comes with a 12-month warranty.

Way to go Indica, you’ve definitely made a fan out of me. I would highly recommend this vape for weedists who prioritize quality and simplicity when selecting a piece.