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Great Music While High: Django Django, Source: http://nostalgic.mego.cl/2012/07/2012DjangoDjango02PR200112-e1343315077788.jpgDjango Django are a British band with a knack for making songs that are both catchy and weird, all at the same time. Appearing on the international music scene in 2012 with their self-titled debut LP, Django Django combine folk music with the sounds of early rock n roll, filtered through a psychedelic lense that creates a heady blend of sonic goodness.

Their musical style is a great mix of so many great stoner-friendly genres that make their entire album a great listen, from start to finish. Stand out tracks like “Default,” “Firewater,” and “Love’s Dart” are surreal songs that are expertly crafted and executed, with a subdued delivery that make them hit that much harder.

While both modern and old-school at the same time, the band manages to be totally accessible while maintaining the mysterious edge that keeps their only long-player consistently interesting throughout, which is not an easy feat for any group to accomplish. The blissed out mix of intriguing sounds make Django Django a perfect band to put on after (or definitely during) a sesh.

A heady blend of sounds make up the 13 tracks on this very fine debut that are most certainly signs of great things to come from this top-notch band.

And if none of that is convincing enough, roll yourself a phatty and check this out:

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