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Video of 'Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time' Goes Viral, Source: http://www.laughspin.com/2014/11/22/grandmas-smoking-weed-for-the-first-time-video-was-amazing-but-why-wont-grandmother-dorothea-try-pot-again-after-going-viral/A video of three grandmas smoking weed for the first time has been making rounds on the internet for the past few days, and has gotten quite popular with over 15,500,000 views on YouTube at the time of this article. Recorded in Washington state where recreational cannabis is legal, the video showed grandmothers Paula, Dorothea and Deirdre smoking cannabis from a bong for the first time and it is absolutely magical. You can see the transformation of three polite elderly women at the beginning of the video, to some absolutely baked friends just having a good time while playing some games and answering some questions.

Towards the beginning of the film the women receive instructions on how to smoke from a bong from the video’s creator Mike Gaston, after Deirdre (the woman in pink on the right) readily asserts, “We don’t know how to use that.” Paula (the woman in pink and black on the right) tries first and then begins helping the other ladies take their first hits (I love how quickly she becomes an expert on how to smoke).

After 5 minutes the grannies already seem to begin feeling the effects, “Yeah I can feel some tingle in my brain,” says Dorothea (the woman in the center). “I feel like I’m smiling,” Paula says before bashfully covering her face and looking down. Later in the video the women also smoke from a vaporizer (which Paula mistakes for a dildo at first glance), play Jenga, and then move on to Cards Against Humanity. By the end of the video the adorable women are all smiles and giggles, clearly baked and having a good time.

Apparently when preparing to shoot the video it took a little effort to find some grandmas that had never tried cannabis before. In an interview with ANIMAL New York, Mike Gaston describes, “[Finding grandmas who had never smoked weed] was the hardest part of this whole thing. The first thing we thought was, “Let’s call our grandmas.” Well, it turns out that all of our grandmas have smoked weed. Then we’re like, “So, let’s ask our friends’ grandmas.” They too have smoked weed. After asking tons of peoples’ grandmothers whether or not they had smoked weed, we finally had to go to a talent agency. Even then it was difficult! We’d meet grandmas who’d claimed they’d never smoked weed, but after just a little bit of grilling, it was clear that they had, but like 40 years before.”

After shooting the video, the women were asked if they would ever try smoking weed again. Paula said she would, Deirdre was unsure, and Dorthea said it was unlikely that she would try it again because it was not what she expected. Of course what she expected it to be like was something more like acid that would make her see colors. I guess cannabis just wasn’t hard enough of a drug for her.

Gaston is currently in the process of releasing a second video in which the women discuss the stigmas that kept them from ever trying weed before.