Product Review: Blazer Big Shot GT 8000, by @flloydmurrayPosted by @diablodabs

So my very first torch died and I had to reup. Vector has been the dabbing standard, but it’s been a while and I wanted to know what else was out there. So glad I did, because my new torch is DA BHOOOOOMMMBBBBB! Shouts to Blazer – repping my native Long Island – for designing some literal Instafire. The Blazer Big Shot GT 8000.

I am telling you KABOOM! dope familia. If you need a torch, want a torch or even if you already have too many – go out and cop a Blazer Big Shot GT 8000. I’ve only had it a couple of days, but it is absolutely knocking mine and my nail’s socks off.

I am not gonna tell you this is the best torch ever, yet. It very well may be, but it’s still too new. So far I can tell you it is amazing with butane conservation and probably gets hot enough to spin 8mm glass, now that’s what’s up. Stay tuned for my forthcoming review on this epic purchase for my tool collection.

From Blazer’s site :

The powerful, portable Anti-Flare butane refillable torch. The Big Shot features a strong and sturdy brass flame nozzle, detachable base and precision flame control. Turn it upside down without worrying about flame blow-out.

Piezo crystal instant ignition and state of the art engineering combine into one of the most powerful, and smallest, tools you’ll ever use.

With over 35 minutes of high grade 2500ºF burn time, this completely portable, self contained unit will meet all your soldering, brazing and other professional and industrial needs. Fits easily in your toolbox.

Model GT-8000