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How to Kick Paranoia and Enjoy a Cannabis High, Source: http://www.brucehanify.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/reefer-madness1.jpgHave you ever had those friends who cannot enjoy cannabis because it makes them feel too anxious or paranoid after they consume it?

Cannabis is a beautiful, natural plant that provides an array of medicinal benefits as well as recreational uses, whether it is consumed by smoking, teas or edibles. Aside from the medicinal benefits, the recreational uses can be extremely therapeutic and fun. It is definitely something to be enjoyed with friends you care about and like being with.

Now, not everyone enjoys feeling high and there are several reasons for this. The most popular reason people quote for not enjoying the herb is that they want the feeling to stop at their command and this is where “going with the flow” comes into play. If you have ever enjoyed the effects of the herb you will find that your senses are amplified so it’s important to be in a good mindset. The following is a list of advice on how not to feel anxious or paranoid while partaking in the activity of cannabis for recreational purposes, compiled by talking to random Texans whom opted to remain anonymous as the state has strict laws against cannabis in place.

1. Know Your Indica & Sativa

Indica will yield a more relaxed attitude, it relieves body pain, relaxes the muscles and can relieve anxiety and stress. Indica plants will help you reach a “body” high while sativa plants will yield a commonly known, “mind” high. Indica plants will relax you and sativa plants will give you more energy. The two are often mixed together to create a hybrid, creating a different range of benefits. Sativa plants will create up-lifting and mind-stimulating thoughts, it energizes, helps with focus and fights depression.

2. Love Yourself

If you are among the people who do not enjoy being high because it makes you feel anxious, paranoid or depressed, perhaps your body is trying to tell you something. It is important to have good self-esteem and love oneself while sober. Given that cannabis amplifies the senses, if one has a negative mindset or image about oneself, negative emotions may be heightened by consuming the herb. Remain positive. Take deep breaths and accept that you are here in this world as you are meant to be. Love existence, do not fight it.

3. Surround Yourself with Good-Hearted People

If you are going to partake in cannabis and are not too familiar with it or do not like doing it because it makes you feel paranoid and anxious, make sure you are in the right kind of environment with people you feel comfortable with. Building trust is good and if you are surrounded with kind-hearted people, the high can be very pleasant and relaxing. It is important to set the mood to ensure you can enjoy a positive high. If you are prone to anxiety you want to avoid being with people whom you do not really relate to or do not feel comfortable being around. 

4. Neurochemicals & Healthy Diet

A healthy diet also plays a factor in enjoying your high. Scientific studies show that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) affect two neurotransmitters: norepinephrine and dopamine. Make sure that you are eating healthy. Consuming cannabis can elevate your metabolism a lot of times. If you consume food with lots of sugars this can create anxiety as well. Eating healthy can also ensure a good high.

5. Manage Life Events

Because cannabis can amplify the senses, it is known that cannabis brings to the surface what is already there. Make sure that you are not consuming it if you have any deadlines to meet that can cause stress. If you are going through a difficult situation where you need to make a decision, a lot of times cannabis can help you relax, but if you are prone to anxiety it is best to remain sober for the meantime. As mentioned earlier, setting the mood to enjoy the herb is crucial.
These are a few points people suggested for ensuring that one enjoys a positive high. There are many factors that play into this. Others suggested exercising or yoga as ways of relaxation as well.

What are some of the ways you ensure a positive experience while consuming cannabis?