Product Review: The Toker Poker, Source:

Ahh the poking tool, a toker’s best friend. How many times has a paper clip saved my ass? Every time, except the times when I didn’t have one or anything else to use — serenity now! It’s a shitty spot no smoker wants to be in, and we have all been there; so close, yet so far. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve packed a bowl, found out my shit was gacked, not had a tool to recover and ended up having to roll a joint. That’s if I happened to have some paper on me.

Well, what if the tool was wrapped around my trustee BIC? Meet the Toker Poker. A cost-effective and ingenious solution for a constant stoner dilemma. It’s pretty self-explanatory, even if you’re baked right now.

Toker Poker places a poke tool and stamping tool right in the palm of your hand. More importantly, it keeps it there in case it’s needed mid-sesh. This was really a great idea. You guys know me as a hard dabber, but I’ve actually been smoking a of lot dank lately; flowers are just too good right now.

Wrapped around my fave Weedist BIC, thus far my Toker Poker has unclogged bowls, stuffed blunts, helped roll joints, scraped resin and put joints out. I’ve even dropped a dab off it!

My only critique would be that it can be a touch awkward to hold sometimes. You don’t want to bend the poker ,of course. However, after a few uses I committed a good routine to muscle memory. It’s a great gift for yourself or a cipher mate. #weedistapproved