Title: Craigslist Marijuana Progress, Source:*900/LAgenerics%2Bcraigslist%2Blos%2Bangeles.jpg

The other day I was perusing Seattle Craigslist and thought, just for the fun of it, I would enter “marijuana” into the search field under the jobs page.

Here in Seattle, when you type that into Craigslist, you get a variety of results. Most of the actual jobs I see including marijuana are for dispensary budtenders/administrators with an occasional posting for a sales job for a random cannabis business.

And, since Craigslist runs off simple keyword searching, “marijuana” also brings up a bevy of jobs that contain the word marijuana, but are in fact jobs that require a UA and are stating in the job posting that marijuana is not allowed for this particular job.

The other day, however, I saw a posting for some kind of warehouse work and where, in the past, the posting would have stated “drug-free workplace” but this time it read “drug and marijuana free workplace.” No, in the practical sense, this is not progress considering that as a marijuana user, you still can’t get this job.

But I think that small difference is worth mentioning. It shows me that, at least in the colloquial sense, people are starting to see marijuana as a separate entity and not just lumping it into the “drug” category. I think it would be stellar to read one day on a job posting, “drug-free workplace, marijuana ok.” That would be some real progress. But as function follows form, it’s a nice start to see the language changing.

I do still think it is plain ignorant that booze is never even considered when applying for jobs or posting for employees. I firmly believe that a drunk on your staff is much more of a risk than a stoner.