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Trim your stash! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weedmaps.budtrimmer

Trim your stash!

With so many people in the country and around the world now for legalization of marijuana use for adults, it was only a matter of time before cannabis culture started becoming more and more mainstream. This means the inevitable commercialization of stoner culture, which has manifested itself in all sorts of ways in the last several years.

This includes Bud Trimmer HD, an app available for the Android smartphones that allows you to trim your own virtual bud. While conspicuously absent from the Apple store, Android users can download this fun distraction and practice your trimming skills.

Sponsored by Weedmaps, this is basically just a variation on Fruit Ninja, where the player wields a virtual blade that is used to chop flying buds as they come across the screen. You have to watch out for infested buds so that it doesn’t ruin your stash, which collects on a scale as you chop em down. Bonus points for getting the “fat sack”, and each level ends with a giant top cola that you have to try to trim up and rack up the highest amount of grams.

It’s a pretty simple game that is a fun mobile app and great new small step for marijuana and stoner culture in the mainstream.

bud trimmer hd screenshot 1, Source: http://www.marijuana.com/news/wp-content/gallery/bud-trimmer/008_kahstore.jpg