High Tolerance Edibles Review: Wana Big Dog Chew, Source: Prospero Weedist

Wana Big Dog Chew

With medical marijuana dispensaries offering more and more new edibles to their patients all the time, it’s become pretty amazing just how many different kinds of candies, chews, brownies, and lots more food has been infused with cannabis.

There are several different kinds of chocolate chews in the Colorado medical marijuana market, including one of the most popular brands, Cheeba Chews. While I do enjoy Cheeba Chews, I think there are plenty of other great smaller chews out there, especially for price to potency ratio (how many mg of THC or CBD compared to $$.)

Beyond Mars has some great fruit chews that I’m a big fan of, as well as some other good chocolates and hard candies. But for high tolerance medical marijuana patients who enjoy edibles over smoking straight up flower, I highly recommend checking out Wana.  The Wana Rolls come in 100mg sativa, indica, or hybrid. 100mg of THC is a pretty good dose for me, and any time I eat an edible that has 100 mg I definitely feel the effects. Personally, 50 mg is a better dose if I want to be more functional. For high tolerance medical marijuana patients in Colorado that want an edible with an extra strong dose of THC, I especially recommend the Big Dog.

Might not look like much, but packs quite a punch

Might not look like much, but packs quite a punch

Clocking in at a generous 200mg per chew, this large single tootise roll style candy comes in a convenient package that can be resealed. This is definitely something that is meant to be taken in doses for those with a normal tolerance. I do know medical marijuana patients that do indeed eat the entire thing in one sitting; if you’ve got a really high tolerance, then go for it.

In fact, I’m going to say that this is probably one of the best edibles for those with a high tolerance for edibles. The consistency of Wana’s product certainly helps- I got an overall hybrid high from all three doses I took over a period of a few days this past week.

Like many other Wana edibles that I’ve tried (and reviewed) in the past, this Big Dog wasn’t too hashy even though even a little bit packed a serious punch. Being that it’s chocolate, this probably isn’t going do well if you leave in a hot car or other environment where temperature change might melt it. But that’s really the only negative thing, so definitely highly recommended.

Those Colorado medical marijuana patients with a high tolerance for edibles and other cannabis infused treats should most definitely check out the Wana Big Dog Chew.