Portable Vaporizer Pen Review: Vapor Dome Wax Kit - Big hits...., Source Prospero

Big hits….

Dabs using full melt concentrates have become a popular option for medical marijuana patients because wax, shatter, and other kinds of hash have such high levels of THC and both extremely effective and extremely tasty. As our readers will probably already know, I’m a big fan of portable vaporizer pens that allow you to take high concentrated oil and wax on the go and dab anywhere.

After my Atmos Bullet, which prior to (predictably) dying with a battery issue was my go-to vaporizer pen, died a few weeks ago, I was left in a place where I’m just not sure about portable vaporizer pens in general. I feel like right now we’re at the same place that that we were with portable MP3 players prior to the IPod; there’s many, many models available on the market, but no one single model that dominates them. While the Atmos Raw is a consistent favorite for many patients, all Atmos products have a fair amount of design flaws that make them prone to malfunctions and other problems.

My last portable vaporizer review on the Atmos Thermo W made me realize that a pen for wax really needs to have a heating element that won’t die after a few uses, when the components get oily and start to get sticky. I started to look for a pen that had a different kind of heating element from the ones that I knew would probably die or not work well. It led me to the Vapor Dome Wax kit, which so far has been working very well for dabs on the go.

Available from, the Vapor Dome Wax kit is just an E-go T battery (which is the basis for many other portable vaporizer pens) that comes with an attachment that is quite literally a dome, much like a standard bong dab attachment. It emulates the experience you would get from a very small concentrate bong, which definitely does create a bigger and better hit than some other pens. This definitely does cut down on the portability; compared with a sleek model like the Atmos Bullet, the dome is a bit bulky and is harder to take around. However, the overall functionally is much better than many other pens I’ve tried in the last year.

One key thing that makes the Vapor Dome Wax kit better is that there is actually a screen above the heating element, protecting it from direct oil getting in the wire and wick. Which the wick and wire system is definitely not good for the longevity of any pen, the screen absolutely helps to make the smoking experience better. I’ve been loading up the screen with a bunch of wax, easily getting several hits from a relatively small amount of wax.

Portable Vaporizer Pen Review: Vapor Dome Wax Kit - screen wire wick, Source: Prospero Weedist

The screen protects the wire and wick

Another thing about the wick is that it does affect the taste a bit, but so far it doesn’t seem to be affecting the overall size an intensity of the hit; I’ve been getting some awesome hits on the go with this pen.

At $49.95 with free shipping, this is a crazy good deal and is a great option for medical marijuana patients that want to use full melt concentrates on the go. I’m seriously hoping that the wick and wire won’t wear out because of the screen, which so far has been pretty awesome.

Portable Vaporizer Pen Review: Vapor Dome Wax Kit, Source: Prospero Weedist

Vapor Dome Wax Kit