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What is it about pins that us Americans are so gaga for? When I was a kid it was all about Disney pins- shit who am I kidding, it’s still about Disney pins. Fast forward to the digital era and pins remain, now we drop pins to each other’s iPhones when we’re lost or lazy and express our Pinterests to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

You can only imagine my excitement when I started seeing pins pop up virally in the dab scene. In case you didn’t know, dab hat pins are definitely what’s up. If you’ve thumbed through the gallery you are probably already LOL’ing- fucking A! These things are goddamn hilarious. “Dab Tracy, E.T. Dab Dome, Dab Marino, Jurassic Dabs and Dabber Don are some of my faves. These guys obviously follow the same trend as t-shirts in terms of puns. However, in terms of art and creativity, repeats excluded, I am feeling the pins over the shirts for sure; I’d say they set the trend. I am especially feeling the pins who give shouts directly to top glass artists. I would rock a Toro hat pin alllll dayyyy lllonnggg.

It’s all downhill for my wallet from here! Tonight’s dab is dedicated to brilliant pins too cute to resist and too evocative to forget. Every time someone sees one of my pins and asks what a dab is, an angel gets its wings! Shout out to Emerge who hooked me up with these super fresh pins at the Secret Cup. Mrs. Butter Wax, HA! And of course a lil’ slab of errl.

Weedist Fashion: Dab Hat Pins - Emerge rsz_20130926_165703

Stay tuned for continued coverage of trending dab accessories.

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