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An impressive cast and crew list has came together to create HUSH The Series, a drama web series about the staggering consequences for a doctor who used cannabis to treat patients.

hush the series - medical cannabis web series drama, Source: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ksr/projects/541299/photo-main.jpg?1367376043


In the drama based on various real-life accounts, Dr. Susan Rotherburger actually discovers a cure for cancer. In order to silence her and protect special interest groups, the FDA imprisons her. One of her patients, a journalist, launches an investigation to see who conspired with the FDA to imprison her and figure out how to get the doc out of jail. Needless to say, drama ensues and the producers promise it will be illustrative of the forces keeping cannabis usage illegal and entertaining. Here’s a promo clip:

The series is already in pre-production stages and hopes to shoot 11 ten-minute long episodes during July and August. For an independent production, they’ve assembled quite an impressive list of cast and crew. The cast  includes Louis Mandylor (from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and In the Eyes of a Killer), Jeffery Weissman (from Back to the Future), and two-time Emmy Award winner Kristoff St. John (The Young and the Restless and Pandora’s Box). You can find out more about the cast and crew on either their Kickstarter page or the show’s website.

They hope creating a narrative story which illustrates the problems faced by numerous medical personnel in recent history will help spur a serious conversation across America about medical marijuana and legalization.

They already have a long list of sponsors, but are raising money to cover the costs of shooting the first episode, so they can show sponsors what they are investing in. And time is running out for them to raise funds. The Kickstarter campaign ends on June 14th, and they have only raised a bit over 20 percent of their goal! Unless they find enough backers to reach their $25,000 goal, they won’t even have this money to work with, since Kickstarter only collects pledges once the entire amount is reached. They’ve requested help from the weedist community in the form of donations and publicity. Every dollar counts, so even small donations are greatly appreciated. And, of course, tweeting and posting on Facebook about it are free, so everyone who believes HUSH The Series could be good for our society can help make it a reality!

Check out their YouTube page; find them on Facebook; or reach them on Twitter.