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The New York Times ran a great article on pot etiquette earlier this week, or what I refer to as “mediquette.” One point spoke directly to a conversation my girlfriend and I had recently regarding keeping a piece on display.

So weed is now legal, but the rules in my kingdom haven’t changed. My live-in girlfriend didn’t like the aesthetics of most pipes then and she still doesn’t now.  She supports me as a stoner and aficionado- she smokes too, but she can’t get past the fact that a tool’s “art” is often ugly, aggressive or even offensive in design. You know, the ones that belong in bachelor pads and man-caves. My pipe with a bubbling skull head may produce epic hits, but it’s not a tchotchke that she wants laying around for a family/friend pop-in.

Pipes certainly have an aesthetic, but they have never been fit for the mantle.  There are exceptions, believe me I am not opening a troll invite to say what’s art and what’s not, especially among tokers. In her opinion, most pipes are either too large or intimidating to guests to be on permanent display.  And we’re talking about them squeaky clean- throw in some heavy smoke odor and visible resin and you can consider this conversation closed.

But then a friend of mine exposed me to these…

Yep, you can hit that; in fact you can hit it hard. These adorable, completely unassuming pieces are actually premium grade BHO water rigs. These are “Munnies” new to the high-end glass scene from Coyle and his collaborators. In that cute lil’ package, sometimes barely taller than one of our beloved Bics, you’ve got percolated oil dabs.

I- ahem- we (sorry hunny bunny), find these little guys to be the perfect combo of form and function.  Eye catchers that produce no lingering odor for her, gnarly dabs of premium shatter for him.  And as far as mantle pieces go, a quick Google image search will reveal there really is one of these for everyone.

Though a triumph for the science and the movement, we don’t have enough money for a munny. Hopefully, with recent legalization and evolving social acceptance, these will become more accessible to couples like us.