Cosmic Caramels source: http://blogs.sfweekly.com/foodie/cosmiccann_opt.jpgI was digging around in my Dank Drawer (yes, all my Canna Caps and various edibles have their own entire drawer in our refrigerator), when I found a blast from the past. It was a package of Cosmic Caramels made by Cannabis Kitchen that I had bought at SPARC a few years ago.

I remembered that day because Felicity and I had gone to San Francisco, specifically to check out some of their legendary medical marijuana dispensaries, and I bought her some hot chocolate mix with indica in it, and we got these caramels too. We drove to Japantown and sat in a sushi restaurant, where I sliced off a tiny piece of one of the caramels for each of us, and by the time the meal was over, we were pretty much done too! We spent a few hours really having fun together and walking all over the mall, and we were quite happy.

So, just as an experiment, I sliced off the end of a caramel that was still in its original wrapping, and sure enough, 45 minutes or so later, I was laughing my head off and happy again for hours. That’s one of the things I like about good edibles…if you keep them in a stable environment, they will stay fresh and potent and do their magic work exactly the same way every time. Nugs lose potency over time, and their effects change as THC degrades, but edibles don’t seem to vary when properly stored.

And even though these feel very uplifting and happy-making like you’d expect from a good sativa strain, they’re actually made from indica cannabis. That would probably explain why I didn’t get anxious or paranoid despite getting very high indeed, at least for an hour or so.

The entire bag of Cosmic Caramels contains three pieces, rated as two doses to each piece. As usual, I’m taking only a small fraction of the recommended dose because I have a low tolerance. Even if you need the full recommended dose, these things are a bargain at an average price of $12 or so per bag of 6 doses.

Oh, and by the way, Cosmic Caramels also taste great…which is to say they taste exactly like normal caramels and not like weed at all, so please keep these in their original packaging with the warning labels and out of the reach of children, because they are really, really strong.

I wish to hell I knew what strain they’re using though…it’s amazing!