I remember Andes Mint chocolates from holidays when I was a kid. My grandma used to have at least one box waiting for after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, and I was usually that kid that would eat the little, individually wrapped mints two or even three at a time.

Mile High and A Mile Higher Bar, Source: Prospero

That’s why I was pretty happy when I found out that Incredibles by Medically Correct, makers of the always consistent and tasty Boulder Bars, Monkey Bars, and Strawberry Cough Crunch Bars, also made a “Mile High Mint” Chocolate Bar, as well. At 175mg, this bar typically retails for around $14 (while having the added benefit of coming in a Colorado-specific marketing package.) It’s a delicious chocolate bar that tastes remarkably very little like cannabis, despite being packed with enough THC to sedate just about any weedist.

Just in case you have a ridiculously high tolerance, though, Incredibles has recently released an updated version of the Mile High. “A Mile Higher” is the same Andes Mint-flavored chocolate, but infused with a whopping 300mg of THC.

Coming in three, 100mg each strips, A Mile High is a tasty and extremely effective medicated candy bar. Retailing around $22, it’s a good bang-for-the-buck, and after getting two or three, I can say that the effect is consistent.

Since edibles can affect every person differently, it’s hard to say with any real certainty exactly what you might feel if you ate a piece of this chocolate bar. My personal experience was that this was more of an energetic, sativa kind of high; it initially came on much stronger in the head, and a heavy body effect only really came as it was wearing off after a few hours. I started with about half of one bar, or about 50mg; I liked this and next time ate an entire strip or 100mg.

For me, 100mg was plenty. However, I challenge my fellow Weedists to eat the entire thing and share your experience in the comment section!  


got so grit that I almost drowned while white water rafting... I cant be medicated and enjoy life.. help.. how can this pain stop.... Namaste yinz


i ate two of the 300mg bars and was quite surprised, an unknowing user might be uncomfortable. these are the best for muscle aches and pains.

milehigher - dont change anything