Medical Marijuana

mmj doc; source: recently had the experience of renewing my medical marijuana card, or red card as it is commonly known here in Colorado. I expected the process to be quite similar to initially getting my MMJ card, which it was. It was also a lot quicker since the doctor didn’t even at look me!

The office was only partially renovated with cheap Dollar Store pictures hanging on the wall. The receptionist/notary was friendly enough, and she was dressed rather inappropriately for a doctor’s office. (By the way, there were two women and twenty-three men in the waiting area.) The whole place just looked shady.

I paid $60 for the “exam” and another five bucks for the notarization of the state forms. After about a half hour wait, I was called back into the doctor’s office. I said hi to him, and he didn’t respond or even look my way.

He grunted two questions: What kind of pain do you have? and What do you do for a living? He scribbled some stuff on the form, made copies, and that was it. I was in the doctor’s office for two minutes max.

The experience was quick and painless, but it made me wonder about the seriousness of the medical aspect of MMJ. I do have actual chronic back pain, but I could have easily said pretty much anything since he didn’t even look at me. When I initially got my card, at least the doctor examined my back for two seconds.

What have your MMJ doctor visits been like? Leave a comment below and let me know if you have had similar experiences!



On my first visit i went in, paid him money before i sat down and he basically put the words in my mouth in order to keep himself from havin to give me my money back