How to Make A Sploof, Source:

Think of it as a silencer.

Do you ever worry about the smell when you smoke weed? Marijuana’s unique aroma can be very potent, and tends to linger in the air. For the Weedist trying to be discrete, this can be a problem. However, there are ways to drastically reduce the smell. One of these ways is to use a sploof.

What is a sploof? A sploof is like a filter. When you smoke, you blow the smoke out of your lungs and through the sploof, which will neutralize most of the smell. A sploof can be made out of many different things, but here I’ll show you one quick and easy way.


Things you’ll need:

-The cardboard tube from a paper towel or toilet paper roll.
-Dryer sheets OR toilet paper with deodorant/soap rubbed on
-Rubber band

How to assemble:

Bunch up the dryer sheet and stick it in the tube at one end. Take another dryer sheet and wrap it around that same end, and use the rubber band to secure it. If you don’t have dryer sheets, you can use toilet paper with deodorant or soap rubbed on.

If you don’t have a rubber band to secure the dryer sheet/toilet paper it will be less effective. Body spray, soap, or anything smelly on the toilet paper will work, but dryer sheets work best.

When you smoke, push the sploof up against your mouth, making it airtight, and exhale. You’ll have to use your lungs a little to push the smoke through, but it should go through no problem, unless you crammed 50 dryer sheets in there. I’ve also noticed that the smaller the tube in length, the better, as less smoke will be sitting in the “chamber.”

A sploof can be made out of anything, so be creative and use what resources are available to you. As long as the smoke is passing through the dryer sheet or toilet paper screen, the smell will be reduced.

Also, keep in mind that the sploof won’t mask any smell that comes from the bowl or joint or whatever itself, so watch out for that. Happy toking!