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Roseanne Barr was invited to Oaksterdam University last week to speak about her push for complete legalization of marijuana. Fifty-nine year-old Barr, who currently runs a nut farm in Hawaii, talked about using pot to resist government mind control as well as employing thousands of Americans to grow hemp.

Barr’s speech is a little over nine minutes long, and she further confirmed her hardcore enthusiasm for marijuana as a medication and commodity. Here are some highlights:

  • Marijuana helps you break programming and remember what’s real and what has value.”
  • “6 in 10 prisoners in jail are there for pot in America.”
  • “Those who foot the bill for Prison-Military Industrial Complexes are taxpayers, and most of them smoke pot.”
  • When the Prison-Military Industrial Complexes close down, then we’ll be able to grow hemp, which will save all of our asses!
  • “Without illegal pot, the war on drugs will end. Which is good, since the war on drugs is really a war for drugs.”
  • “The war on drugs is a class war.”
  • “Drug lords own judges and they own prisons, too.”
  • Government is not supposed to be run like a business.”
  • Pot will help us get rid our cancers, PTSD, and damn near every ailment [known] to mankind.”
  • “Many Americans who have been bankrupted by cancer treatment will be happy as hell if you let them have the good medications and grow them at home by themselves.”
  • “If I could grow hemp, I’d start businesses right and left and employ thousands,  maybe hundreds of thousands of Americans.”
  • Who pays for this failed system of endless war and endless deaths? Pot smokers!