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This past Friday, the finals of this year’s The Hemp Connoisseur competition were held at Casselman’s in Denver. The event was a “Cirque de Cannabis,” complete with circus style attractions, live music, and what sounded like plenty of MMJ friendly fun.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it to the event. However, we still wanted to report the results. I want to thank the The Hemp Connoisseur for holding this great competition, and giving some of the best dispensaries in town the chance to show off their goods. Judging the sativa and CBD flower category was a great deal of fun, and I’d gladly be a “connoisseur judge” again.

As posted on their Facebook page, here is this year’s winners:

1st: The Growing Kitchen – Fantastic Brownie
2nd: Incredibles – Strawberry Cough
3rd: RiverRock Wellness/Healthy Creation Edibles – Puppy Chow
Patients’ Choice: The Growing Kitchen – Fantastic Brownie
Connoisseurs’ Choice: TIE – Colorado Grow Company – Zero Gravity PB Cup
Connoisseurs’ Choice: TIE – The Growing Kitchen – Fantastic Brownie

CBD Edible Special Honor
1st: Dixie Elixirs – Dixie X Dew Drops
2nd: Mountain High Suckers – Carmel Apple

CBD Flower
1st: Greenwerkz – R4 CBD
2nd: Northern Lights – Cannatonic
3rd: Flower of Life Healing Arts – Harlequin Hope

1st: The Clinic Alternative Medicine – Stardawg Guava
2nd: Denver Relief – Outer Space
3rd: RiverRock Wellness – Jack Frost
Patients’ Choice: The Clinic – Stardawg Guava
Connoisseurs’ Choice: New Age Medical – White Widow
Best Tested: Greenwerkz – Tuffalo Durban

1st: Denver Relief – Reserva Privada
2nd: The Clinic Alternative Medicine – Kosher Kush
3rd: Physician’s Preferred Product – Rocky Mt. Fire
Patients’ Choice: RiverRock Wellness – OG18
Connoisseurs’ Choice: The Clinic – Kosher Kush
Best Tested: Physicians Preferred Product – WS1

The Growing Kitchen – Fantastic Brownie

1st: The Clinic Alternative Medicine – Earth OG Nectar
2nd: RiverRock Wellness – Black Out Budder
3rd: Top Shelf Extracts – Sour Diesel Shatter
Patients’ Choice: River Rock – Black Out Budder
Connoisseurs’ Choice: TIE – Top Shelf Extracts – Sour Diesel Glass
Connoisseurs’ Choice: TIE – The Clinic – Earth OG Nectar
Best Tested: Colorado Grow Corporation – Phenom

1st: Greenwerkz – R4 CBD Oil
2nd: River Rock – Sour Tsunami CBD Oil