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“Oh no, my eyes are turning all bloodshot. I’m goin’ on a trip, I look like I’m doped out of my gord!”

For those that do not know, King of the Hill is an animated show on Fox made by Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead and Office Space). The show centers on propane salesman Hank Hill, in Arlen, Texas. This show is hilarious for many reasons, but by far the best clip for any Weedist is this one, in which Hank unknowingly smokes a tiny bit of marijuana and freaks out. Enjoy!

“How long was I sleepin’? Why… why am I running? Oh, God, I’m talking to myself. It’s a side effect of the marijuana poisoning!”

If you enjoyed that clip from King of the Hill, check out this one from an episode where Bobby Hill (Hank’s son) starts growing roses in his closet.

When Hank finds about about Bobby’s ‘secret garden,’ he tries to bond with him by entering a rose competition. Looking to replace the tiny little fluorescent fixture (hey, just like real life!), Hank and Bobby talk to some ‘indoor gardening experts’.

http://www.420247.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/hank-hill-smoking-marijuana.jpgWhat is your favorite TV show to watch while you’re high? Discuss it with us in our comments box, and maybe we’ll write an article about your favorite TV moments for the seriously high.

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