Medical Marijuana

Women suffer from PMS symptoms every month.

For women with premenstrual syndrome, medical marijuana may be just what they need to alleviate their symptoms. Queen Victoria knew it.

It’s no secret that millions of women suffer from PMS, including myself. When the only other option is to heavily medicate with ibuprofen, sleeping aids and even anti-depressants and morphine, more women are turning to MMJ to relieve their montly PMS symptoms.

I have personally suffered from PMS since I was a teenager, and it’s no picnic. The symptoms wreak havoc every month: Back pain, bloating, irritability,  cramps, and lack of energy to name a few. And that’s before the actual dysmenorrhea.

So what’s a woman to do when her premenstrual syndrome is getting the best of her?  Smoke a bowl of MMJ! We already know that marijuana is a great medicine for chronic pain, and many of the symptoms of PMS fall under The American Chronic Pain Association’s list of chronic pain conditions.

Medical marijuana, specifically indica strains, can alleviate pain, improve mood, stimulate the appetite, and generally help a woman’s outlook during this difficult time in her cycle. And all without the side effects of prescription drugs like anti-depressants and oral contraceptives. MMJ is a safe and natural medicine for premenstrual syndrome as well painful cramps and bloating during a woman’s period.

There are strains that are specifically recommended for PMS symptoms. I recommend a hybrid such as Headband  or Ice for daytime medication. For nighttime, good indicas for PMS are Kosher Kush and God Bud. With a little experimentation, a woman can figure out the best natural medical marijuana prescription that’s right for her PMS.