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Source: recently stumbled upon Granny Storm Crow’s list (July 2012) the other day and I have to say, you will not find a more comprehensive single list of cannabis research on the Internet. 800+ pages of real peer reviewed medical research and news articles from top name sources. Granny Storm Crow breaks down the articles into disease and other categories laid out in alphabetical order. This list of marijuana news and cannabis research links spans a generation. Click on a few links in the document and you will be amazed at the depth of research she has pulled together.

So who is Granny Storm Crow? Her life today is similar many of us, she leads a double life as a respected citizen with a migraine condition, but behind closed doors she is a marijuana activist and self-described “very old school stoner” (she is probably well over 60 years old). Her real identity had to be protected for fear of losing her day job as a teacher’s assistant, so from her strong desire to share her knowledge the Internet author “Granny Storm Crow” was born. Here’s an excerpt from here story:

“I am a well-respected teacher’s aide in my 60s. I start my day with 8th grade math. I quilt, paint, sculpt and am an avid genealogist. I enjoy posting on several websites. My husband is disabled and on SSI. We live in a tiny rural town in California with our two adult sons. Our lives are filled with computers and books. We are all compulsive educators- a family of quiet, intellectual geeks.

I lead a double life.

I am a secret, international, medical cannabis activist.”

You can learn more about Granny Storm Crow’s on her Facebook page.

Granny Storm Crow’s list on the Internet Over the Years

Each list begins with an introductory message, here’s the introduction from the first Granny Storm Crow list, which goes into her philosophy on sharing information about cannabis and how Granny Storm Crow’s list came about:

“How this list came about-

“If the truth won’t do, then something is wrong!”

Those were the furious words of my grandfather to my Mother. I had walked in from joyfully stuffing my face with red raspberries in the garden, straight into “war zone”! My gentle grandfather in a fury, his hand raised! Mom was just beginning to shrink back away from him. They saw me and quickly sent me away. But it was too late, the scene and the words were seared into my 5-year-old brain. That was over 55 years ago, but I still remember it clearly. My grandfather was a minister, one very short step away from God in my 5 year old mind. It was one of those life changing moments. It is still rare for me to tell a lie. I never found out what my Mother’s lie was.

As I child, I suffered a traumatic head injury. Another child tried to murder me with a hammer. I was left with frequent migraines. At 19, like many rebellious teens, I tried cannabis. It took about a year for me to make the connection between using cannabis and the absence of my normally frequent migraines. I have used cannabis ever since.

I am an avid reader. While perusing an old book on herbal medicine, I read how the little old ladies of Mexico made and used a cannabis/tequila rub on their arthritic hands. Then I met Joey, an epileptic musician. He told me another interesting fact- when he had pot he could cut his medication in half! On a camping trip years later, I smelled an unmistakable odor. Following my nose, I was totally shocked to find a grandmotherly lady in her 70s puffing away on a delicate oriental pipe. “Parkinson’s. And the pot’s way cheaper than the pills!” Her nephew kept her well supplied, she said. We had a nice chat about various medical uses of cannabis.

Epilepsy, Parkinson’s, arthritis, and my migraines! What else was it good for? Yet every news article on cannabis that I saw, claimed one new horror after another. Men grew breasts and were impotent. Women became sterile or miscarried. It made you crazy and murderous. Made you lazy and do nothing. It caused cancer and heart attacks…What I had learned on my own and from others and what I was being told in the press were so different!

What was the truth? I began researching. I printed the first studies up and kept them in a notebook, just as a personal reference. The notebook quickly filled. I started a Word file of the URLs and on July 30 2007, I posted it. It continues to grow.”

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