Mountain High Suckers, Source: http://www.mountainhighsuckers.com/

Mountain High Suckers: 31mg THC + 6.8mg CBD

I have always preferred smoking my medication over eating it. I enjoy the immediate high I get when I smoke. Plus, when I partake in edibles I alway find myself wondering: Am I high?

So when I decided to try Mountain High Suckers, I was a little skeptical. But these delicious gems are more than just candy meds on a stick.

They contain 6.8mg CBD, which is an extremely high CBD percentage for an edible. They are available in many delicious flavors, including orange-cinnamon, mixed berry, butterscotch, and watermelon.

One of my favorite flavors (and apparently one of the most popular) is pineapple-coconut, which features toasted coconut generously sprinkled on one side.  Other mouth-watering favorites include caramel apple and spicy orange-mango.

The effects begin rather quickly, especially compared to other edibles. I recently had a Mountain High Sucker on an empty stomach, and began to feel the effects within fifteen minutes or so. The high lasted for about four hours and was characterized by extremely dry, red eyes along with a nice relaxing body buzz.

Mountain High Suckers are so delicious that it’s tempting to bite it and chew it up after a few licks. But resist that temptation and let it dissolve slowly in your mouth for the longest-lasting effect. Priced at $4.50 at my local dispensary, Mountain High Suckers are an affordable way to partake in delicious candy meds that really work.