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Below is a 67 minute mobile video of this morning’s 9am press conference in response to the Obama administration’s latest assault on the Harborside Health Center, which provides medication to 100,000 patients. Harborside Health Center has been unfairly attacked by the IRS before, this time the federal government is sending in the U.S. Attorneys Office & the DEA.

The video quality isn’t top notch (hey it’s a mobile phone) but it’s absolutely watchable and you can understand all the audio. We’ll be on the lookout for a better quality copy. I hope so-called “human beings” in the Federal government watch at the 30 minute mark on what medical marijuana means to some patients, it’s heartbreaking. For pissed off weedists everywhere, here’s how to call the DEA.

Video streaming by Ustream

Here are some of the highlights from the video:

  • Councilmember of Oakland city Rebecca Kaplan rails against the federal government for sticking their noses into medical marijuana instead of real public safety threats like all the guns and violence coming into Oakland [24:03 mark]
  • Jason David, father of Harborside Health Center patient Jayden David who has Dravet Syndrome (a rare form of epilepsy), breaks down in tears explaining how much cannabis and Harborside’s knowledgeable application of CBD has saved his son’s life and his own sanity. He begs Obama, Romney, whoever to help save his son. [30:00 mark]
  • Sue Taylor, another HHC patient, says if the Feds close HHC it’s a “direct insult to seniors” as the federal government is trying to force Big Pharma medicine on them and how does she tell her grandchildren that “democracy doesn’t work as this [medical marijuana] was voted on.” [35:11 mark]


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