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THC affects on the brain - marijuana tolerance break, Source:

Areas of the brain THC lights up.

For weedists using cannabis 4-7 days a week on a consistent basis, are your highs not as epic lately? On the plus side you are so used to cannabis you feel like you can ace a calculus exam after 5 bong rips, but you just want to feel really stoned again dammit.

Everyone has noticed after a nice sleeping spell you get that best “first bowl of the day” high. Well it’s time for a marijuana tolerance break, which is where you go for a period of time without consuming cannabis; whether from smoking, vaporizing, or digesting.

THC is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that provides the “head” high. The endogenous cannabinoid receptors in our brains start getting clogged as more THC binds to them. The end result of these fatigued receptors is a less intense high.

There’s a wide range of opinions on what the optimal break length reading articles online. So I went and asked a doctor at Medicann, a very well known and respected network of cannabis doctors in California that question for a typical person (no one size fits all). I was told it’s not just the length of the break, but also in conjunction with the frequency of the breaks. A reasonable marijuana tolerance break schedule is one week every three months to still have those killer sessions.

So take a break, have more frequent amazing highs and save some money from the week long break and lowered tolerance. Also wear it as a badge of honor to spit in the face of prohibitionists who say marijuana is addictive. I can go cold turkey on marijuana, and do, no problem. When I try to take a break from caffeine, on the other hand, my body becomes an instant mess.

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