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New 'SexxPot' Strain Marketed Towards Women as Aphrodisiac, Source: http://pixel.nymag.com/imgs/fashion/daily/2015/06/01/01-sex-pot-1.w529.h352.2x.jpgSexxPot is the name of a new low-THC strain being marketed towards women as an “aphrodisiac.”

The product is derived from a strain called Mr. Nice and caps out at about 14% THC. This, say the producers, is a benefit, as it allows the toker to settle into the right mellow head-space without being too high to focus on sexual sensations.

Cannabis has been lauded as an aphrodisiac for centuries, as is evidenced by references to cannabis (aka bhang) being used in ancient tantric rituals. The idea of pot-assisted sex is thus, nothing new. Neither in fact, is even the play on words, Sex Pot.

However, this is the first time we are seeing a strain marketed specifically towards women. Men reportedly find the strain less effective for sexual enhancement than women have, making SexxPot specifically a woman-centered aphrodisiac.

Karyn Wager, the brains behind SexxPot, recounted the feedback of one happy customer who reported that the strain helped her remove mental blocks during sex, “She reported that it relaxed her enough that she wasn’t thinking about that anymore. She wasn’t hyperaware or hyper-anything.”

Clearly, the cannabis sex market is picking up steam. SexxPot comes on the heels Foria’s cannabis lube, marketed towards women as a product that can improve sex, orgasms and get one’s vagina “high.” Additionally, tokers have been seeking the perfect sexual strain for much longer than SexxPot has been on the scene, and there are even whole articles with suggestions for strains to use when in the mood.

So is SexxPot the perfect sex strain we’ve been looking for? I believe it’s safe to say that it likely varies from person to person, just as our sexual preferences do. But perhaps many women may find this particular balance of THC to be cerebrally appropriate for the sexual head-space. I, for one, would be willing to give it a shot. Curiosity has me asking, why not?

Have you tried SexxPot yet, and if so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below.