As Kentucky tries to push forward on legalizing medical marijuana, the Kentucky State Police (“KSP”) will be pissing away more dollars on marijuana eradication efforts this season by adding helicopters into the mix.

The KSP will be working with their usual partners-in-prohibition;  the Drug Enforcement Administration, the National Guard, the US Marshal Service, Appalachia HIDTA and the US Forestry Service. Lt. Brent Roper is the commander of this Cannabis Suppression Branch.

Last year these morality thugs destroyed about 400,000 outdoor plants worth an estimated $800 million. Instead of a sensible taxation and regulation policy to help our economy and to stop incarcerating undeserving people, we’ll squander even more tax dollars this year in Kentucky for aerial support on this futile, and unwanted by the majority of the people, war on marijuana.

What’s the will of the people versus a bunch of adrenaline junkies with badges playing with the latest tech gadgets and seizing assets to fund their bloated budgets after all?

If you’re in one of the counties below in Kentucky, enjoy the helicopter airshows this eradication season!




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